Speed it up, Freedom

Guest blogger today is 9 year-old Violet Thomas-Bush of Charlotte, NC.  Violet wrote this for a school assignment on MLK.  Out of the mouths of babes.... Speed it up Freedom

by Violet Thomas-Bush


I cannot hear you. Ring louder.

Freedom speed it up.

People have been waiting and waiting.

Parents are not accepting their sons and daughters for who they are.

Lesbian and Gay.

Why would they not accept them?

God made these children to be gay and lesbian.

Knowing this would be a good life. A Fabulous, Amazing life.

Parents kicking these children out of their homes because of their sexuality.

Kicking them out because of who they are

It may not be the parents belief. Who cares!

Its about love.

Its about who we are.

Boys and Girls looking for their future love.

Find a better way to handle how you feel when someone of the same gender flirts with you.

This person is having a perfectly good life. Do not hurt them.

Or kill them.

Just say thank you. It’s just nice. Just deal with it.

At some point in our lives, we may like someone who does not like us back.

People just want to get home after a good day at work.

Getting fired for one’s sexuality? It doesn’t have anything to do with your job.

It is about the job, they are not looking for a date. Are you?

The company may have just fired their very best teacher, minister, worker.

For no good reason. Or importance.

Freedom… I can hear your bells ringing a little bit.

When states allow people to marry. Men now can marry men. Women can marry women.

Freedom we can hear you a little bit.

When I see a friend my age just be who they are. And we don’t care.

We are freedom speaking up. We are going to move things faster.

There is hope for these people I love.

Speed it up.

Love is needed here.