I recently read two books that I think every aspiring author should wolf down immediately. But you don't have to be a writer to enjoy these gems of literary porn.

BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott I loved because she gives voice to many of the struggles we face as writers and she does so hysterically. Anne doesn't sugar coat anything and shares her own experiences for good measure. If you can cry into your literary beer with me while at the same time making me laugh out loud, I'm sold! That's what Anne Lamott does with this book.

When I was in the eighth or ninth grade, I remember wandering through the library at Southside Junior High in Florence, SC, looking for something to read. The librarian, Mrs. Davidson I believe, spotted me and asked what kind of movies I liked to watch. After I spouted off a list, she told me to wait and went into her office in the back and soon returned with a book that I don't think even belonged to the school. It was THE SHINING. I devoured it and was hooked—on reading, on writing, and on Stephen King. Stephen's King's, ON WRITING, was just fascinating. I loved hearing about his process, from the way he was rejected by agents a lot more than I have been to how some of his masterpieces came to be. Like Lamott, King is very funny as well.

I loved both of these books equally and will likely visit them again in the future when I get discouraged or just need some perspective.