SOCIAL INTERCOURSE - The Official Playlist

Some of you know that I live in Nashville and have been in the music business for more years than I care to count. Part of my job is compiling music and creating playlists of our catalog. So, it was a natural step for me to create an official Spotify playlist for SOCIAL INTERCOURSE. Think of it as the movie soundtrack of the book. I compiled music I felt would fit the vibe of the book, and also included types of music that Beck and Jax talk about in their narratives. The playlist sort of follows the natural flow of the story and features such artists as Troye Sivan, Disclosure, The Weeknd, ZAYN, Charli XCX, Adam Lambert, Charlie Pluth, Ellie Goulding and many more. I hope this official playlist provides the perfect musical backdrop for reading SOCIAL INTERCOURSE, or just give it a listen after you finish the book to stay in Beck's and Jax's world a little bit longer. And be sure to "follow" the playlist so you will be notified when new songs are added!

Check it out on Spotify!